Move From Confused & Frustrated to Adoring Your Life

It's possible for you because it happened to me

I was just like you, desiring to be filled with joy, excitement and meaning (and clarity, oh the clarity!), but I was lost. I had a great job, nothing to complain about, but it wasn’t living up to my expectations. I wanted more out of life. True independence, a work that excites me tremendously and gives me the freedom to live from anywhere and, very important, to savour each moment fully while creating an impact.

All around me people were saying and thinking, “Be happy with what you have,” but to my ears all I heard was, “Settle for what you have.” I’m not the type to settle and I’m guessing you’re not either. I knew there had to be a way out and I was determined to find it. What I knew is that a strategy focused only on rational thinking and goal achievement was not enough. I had to take a completely different approach.

I started with study and questioning everything I had been told about life and what it really takes to live a fulfilling one. I read every book I could find on the topic of living a successful and fulfilling life. I took courses and worked with all kinds of specialists. But, I knew deep down that my answers were not so much outside but rather inside. I jumped all in into the exploration of my inner world. Over time I started to put all the pieces together. Things began to click. I saw patterns, made breakthroughs, and started to see a clear path to bliss. What I discovered is that actually going within was the sure way to finding my bliss and the foundation to making an impact in the world, all I had to do was to express my truest essence and align my life with it.

I used everything I learned to gain clarity on my purpose and eventually crafted the work and life of my dreams. It worked! I was so excited that I started to help other women uncover their ideal paths. Soon enough, I couldn’t resist my next calling: coaching.

I became a certified embodiment coach, honed my methods, and began helping aspiring women of impact get clear about what they desired to bring into the world. I am living proof that it’s possible and it would be my greatest joy and utmost honor to show you the way.

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