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You Want to Live a Life You Adore

But There's a Problem

You’re dissatisfied

You are excelling in your career but you’re not excited any more.

You’re feeling stuck

You’ve got the impression to go in circles, something has to change.

You don't know what to do

You’re not taking bold action because you’re not sure on where to start.

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Hi, I'm Val. Been There. Done That.

Valerie Nourissat, Certified Embodiment Coach

I understand how you feel. For years I wanted more out of life and I thought I was doing all the things that will lead me there. Working in the savouring, luxurious world of wine, oversea, having friends from different cultures was indeed a dream come true. On the face of it, I had made it! The only thing, my delicious life didn’t “taste” like it.

I wanted more out of life, more freedom, independence and to use my privileged existence to make a difference in the world.

I realized that living a deeply satisfying, exciting, nourishing and impactful life doesn’t come from an outdated approach based on rational thinking and goals achievement but rather from an inner alignment with the most sacred part of me, my truest essence. This journey of exploring my inner world and discovering where I was going in my way of expressing my true essence was so profound that I eventually became a Certified Embodiment Coach and have been helping women do the same.

Are you ready to join them? It would be my greatest joy and utmost honor to hold space for you.

Signature Coaching Program


The Dare + Impact Method will turn traditional thinking and goal attainment on its head. The key to making a massive impact in the world is actually living your most Lit Up Life. That’s right! Traditional thinking says that sacrifice is the path to impact, but I am here to show you another, far more fulfilling way.

Your ‘Lit Up Life of Impact’ is Just 3 Steps Away…

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Create Your ‘Lit Up Life’ Blueprint

Together we will create your step-by-step plan using my proven Blueprint based on the Dare + Impact Method.

Find Your Bliss. Impact The World.

Take bold action each day towards your most Lit Up Life!

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