Set Goals the delicious way with me this coming Thursday

It’s time to turn traditional advice on its head and to change the conversation around goal setting.

Come join me this coming Thursday for a fun and playful workshop around setting goals that excites you and actually work!

Want to know a secret?

The seemingly endless advice around making your new year goals and resolutions stick is fundamentally flawed.

That’s right!

The guidance on goal setting is outdated and rooted in masculine energy which is why it is failing women like you, year after year after year.

If you are ready to ditch SMART goals for good, and discover the easy, aligned way to set and achieve anything your heart desires, then join me for this revolutionary fun workshop.

It’s time for a fresh, feminine and fun way to live your most Lit Up Life!

Let’s play!

Come this coming Thursday where I’ll lead you through a very different, fun way of doing this.

You’ll have a clear process that you’ll find nowhere else that you can use for the rest of your life along with spending some refreshing time with other women just like you.

I’ll reveal revolutionary practices that are fun and easy to help you:

1) Make sure that the goal you’re setting will bring you profound satisfaction and fulfillment

2) Create a vivid and clear picture that EXCITES you.

3) Create the map of this journey in a way that remove the overwhelm.

Your WHOLE SELF is invited to the party dear woman 🙂

You’re in?

To sign up, simply hit reply on the email I sent you or to the post you found this invitation 😉 xx

I’ll be hosting two sessions one at 11 am Pacific and another one at 5 pm Pacific.


How much would you give to sit across from an expert who was trained to help aspiring women of impact just like you manifest their most fulfilling life? Well, for anyone serious about living a richer, incredibly satisfying life filled with magic the price would be quite high and worth every penny. But for a short time and a small number of women, I’m offering that opportunity…without charge.

That’s right, with my COMPLIMENTARY DARE + IMPACT POWER SESSION, you have the chance to work with me one on one, absolutely free. Typically a session like this is $500, but I’m waiving the fee for anyone who applies today.

Because I hold these calls personally, there are very few spots available, so if you’re serious about making the impact you’re here for and to uplevel your life to a whole new level and would like to benefit from the guidance and support of an expert in the field, use the calendar provided to apply for your Complimentary Dare + Impact Power Session now.

Much love,

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